35th Birthday Dinner Mario’s Mexican Food


It is my favorite thing in the world to have a room full of loved ones.  I flew home to cali this year to ring in the new year and spend my birthday with the most important people in my world, I’d say it was a success.  Thank you to all my friends and family for taking the time to break bread with me on the day I was born.  I feel very loved and I love all of you, thanks again for coming out.

Roll call : Sara, Jake, Dianna, Joey G, Liz H, Brian, Arthur, Biggie, Dan, Skully, Matt Pike, Jimmy North, Cj, Lisalla, Nicole, Andy, Matt, Christie, Lindsey, Leah, Damien, Toby, Moon, Max,Jeff, Sean, Hammer, Mike V and Wife, Ryan, Tim, Gustavo, Gilbo