A Back Fit For An Outlier

Most of you have caught wind of my injury by now. If you haven’t let me explain… The lowest disc in my spine L5S1 is completely shot and what’s left of the disc has pushed its way 11mm into my #sciaticnerve causing constant pain up and down my right leg. I spent most of my life pretty healthy, a lot of time surfing as a youth, as well as lots of bike riding and some jiu jitsu. My profession, however, has put me in a chair for up to 16 hours a day. The busier I became, the harder I worked… And the harder I worked, the less I maintained my posture and fitness. A couple years ago I started feeling discomfort, then last year my back dropped me to the ground. This year I was dropped to the ground on multiple occasions, once recently in Spain which forced me to get an MRI scan that proved I was beyond yoga class or PT.

I am flying to Germany for a replacement disc from one of the best back surgeons in the world. I am following the footsteps of a dear friend and trusted colleague Tim Hendricks, who is now bouncing babies, surfing and skating after being told he would have to live with his 3 painful degenerated discs by our American doctors before he found this doctor in Germany. Tim now has 3 artificial discs. I am thankful I have this path, to Tim for paving the way and this chance to move forward. Thank you to everyone wishing me well and I hope to be back tattooing in no time out here Los Angeles as well as all over this beautiful world.