A Day In The Life Of An LES Sons Of Essex Regular

One of my favorite restaurants in New York City , more particularly the lower east side  “Sons Of Essex”  Just did this “A day in the life of ” video on yours truly, and released it today.  I live close to here and don’t do any cooking at my home,  so I’ve eaten at many of the local restaurants that the lower east side has to offer,  and Sons has quickly become one of my favorites for a few reasons, one. the service has always been great and now ever better obviously after eaten there so often, two. I really love the food even though it can be a bit rich. three. the music, though not for everybody, is perfect non stop hip hop classics. its like I walk in and plug in my own ipod.  And after a long day of dealing with reality show fans (NyInk) I love a nice, chill meal with good music and good service.

If you find yourself in lower Manhattan and are looking for a good “hip” spot to eat. now you know where to go.

Thank You Matt, Bill and all the good people at Sons for the love and hospitality. see you all for dinner.