Luke Wessman Rose Coverup

Unfinished Business

The art of tattooing has a long history, full of traditions and old ethics. The ideals of tattooing cover a range of practices for artists to uphold. Although the history of tattooing has developed from taboo to mainstream, certain principles have remained. Some areas are often discussed, like the hand and face tattoo stigma, but […]

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Freemason Luke Wessman

Freemasons Are Staging A Comeback

I was interviewed for this Oc Weekly cover story and this is my excerpt… “One of the newcomers is 36-year-old Luke Wessman. He’s best-known as a tattoo artist from reality TV shows Miami Ink and NY Ink, but he’s also a Master Mason who makes the drive down to his home base, Vista Masonic Lodge […]

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Nas Illmatic time is

“Time Is Illmatic” Hip Hop Life

I’ve lived a lot of lives, I’ve been around a lot of different cultures and have been invited into places and homes most never get to go.  From Pentecostal churches, Quinceanera’s, stash houses, to Ny penthouses.  I’ve seen a lot and I feel so lucky and happy to have such a vast perspective on this planet and […]

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Violent gentlemen sale

Violent Gentlemen Friends And Family Sale

This weekend my friends at Violent Gentlemen are having a big warehouse sale from 10-4pm on saturday.  I will be there with my LW gear for sale. Everyone is welcome, stop by and say hello and grab some gear.  Everything is on sale and I will be leaving for back surgery the next day.

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The Best Fourth Of July Fireworks

Every fourth is different for me from rooftops in Manhattan to beaches in Malibu to alleyways in LA.  The company is all that matters, not the quality of fireworks.  We had the weakest fireworks that I had ever seen this year and I thought they were perfect I know the company was. I hope you […]

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Luke Wessman Tattoo artist

A Back Fit For An Outlier

Most of you have caught wind of my injury by now. If you haven’t let me explain… The lowest disc in my spine L5S1 is completely shot and what’s left of the disc has pushed its way 11mm into my #sciaticnerve causing constant pain up and down my right leg. I spent most of my […]

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flying skull

Little Quickies Tattoo Designs

Since I’ve been injured its been hard to sit for longer than 20 mins or so at a time. It’s hurts to sit for long periods due to my spine injury so I’ve decided to do these “little quickies” every night.  I actually shake a little from the sciatic pain so I’ve adjusted the art style […]

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Luke Wessman blog post for inkedmag

Do’s and Don’ts for your Next Tattoo.

The tattoo client has changed a lot over the last 10 years or so; back in the day when tattoo shops were more mysterious, clients were aware of their own ignorance. Now, due partially to television shows like “Best Ink” and “Inkmaster”, many clients have a false sense of discernment when it comes to the […]

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the dover honing co

Best Barber Shop In California

My dear friends just opened up an amazing new barber shop called The Dover Honing Co.  The Dover is by far one of the nicest barber shop I have ever been in.  It is located in downtown San Diego on 8th and G. Great shop and great barbers.

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LW no evil shirt

Hear No Evil Crew Neck Sweatshirt

The “No evil” sweatshirt also comes in a tee shirt but this one on my lady is my favorite.  She does this thing where she cuts the bottom of it and it sits perfectly on her.

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