Bridget Kelley’s New Tattoo

Did a fun little one on my dear friend, the lovely and talented Bridget Kelly this evening. “all or nothing”

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Prayers: Gothic Summer

This is one of my dear friends Rafa from San Diego .  I have been part of a crew from the neighborhood called the Diamond Dogs CFC for many many years. Rafa was always the glue of the crew.  Another video

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Agenda Trade Show Long Beach

The Last few days I had the pleasure of working with my dear friends at Hurley. I designed three of the Six designs that were printed non stop today throughout the day with woodblock style printing at Agenda Long Beach. We celebrated the release of the new Tim Hendricks line with Hurley.  Great way to “work”

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The World Tattoo

“The World is my country, all mankind are my brethren, and to do good is my religion”. -T. Paine  A world map tattoo on a lovely teacher who teaches around the globe.

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Jay Z X On The Run X Go Vote X LW

The artwork that I did for the Go Vote / Jay Z and Beyonce On The Run Tour. #govote 

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David And Ami

Ami did a really nice snake on the back of David’s neck this evening. Good Stuff

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Red Rose Of The Westside Highway

I always keep my eyes peeled for a good rose bush

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