Tim Hendricks Back in New York ! TRIP CANCELLED ! Due to unforeseen complications.

One of my dearest friends and one of my favorite tattoo artists…Tim Hendricks will be back taking some walk-ins with us at Wooster Street Social Club aka NY Ink in Soho New York city…starting on Thursday the 16th…there is a small window of opportunity here…dont miss it…and good luck.   Tim’s Website > www.Saltwatertattoo.com 

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Team Goon Runyon 5k Yankee Stadium Run/Walk For Cancer Research

Today marked a very significant moment…Our dear friend Seth Abrams aka “the Goon” survived a Aneurysm and a Stroke 7 months ago…And this Runyon 5K run/walk at Yankee stadium marked for him and all of us a example of his healing progress…as he was near death…27 of his family and close friends and even the […]

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Ghetto Protected

My big brother Morgwn Pennypacker draws the best gangster skulls.   The reason I tattoo skulls like this once and a while, because I learned how to draw them his way over the years working with him everyday in Miami.  I used this for a banner for a hollywood tattoo  convention a while back.  Thanks Morgwn GPFxOGBTSC

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“Gentleman Only Ladies Forbidden” Golf

“Give me golf clubs, fresh air and a beautiful partner, and you can keep the clubs and the fresh air” -Jack Benny

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Tips On Getting A New Tattoo: How to Find a Good Tattoo Artist

Getting a new tattoo, tips 1-5 Some things to think about when looking to get a new tattoo. 1. Make sure your tattooer has tattoos.  You wouldn’t want to buy a hair piece from a bold guy not wearing one.  Now having tattoos doesn’t make a tattooer good or bad, its just a good start. […]

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The Hundreds:Bobby Ruiz and Tribal Streeetwear

Growing up in Southern California, you knew about Tribal Gear if you had any connection with the Southern California street culture at all…because they were all over it …I have been very blessed over the years to build a friendship with Mr Ruiz that I am very honored by and proud of…So seeing people like […]

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“Live Free” Eagle Water Color Painting

Just a quick eagle watercolor I did on my day off…trying to stay artistically fit…eagles make great paintings and tattoos when done nicely…Live Free  

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3 Kings Video: Rick Ross, Dr. Dre & Jay-Z,

“2 Kings” is Rick Ross latest single from his new album “God forgives, I dont” …The Video is very cool…I especially like the old Dr Dre footage…I cant say I love the bars they spit…because they have all spit much better…and it doesn’t sit right with me that Rick Ross is in this context as […]

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