“Love Lost” a Watercolor Painting of Heartbreak and Intrigue

When I started tattooing, Dave Gibson, Morgwn Pennypacker, and Milford Barnes all helped teach me a thing or two about painting with watercolors.  To me its like exercising, you want bigger muscles work out more, you want to be a more efficient tattooer, draw and paint more.  The medium I paint with is similar to […]

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We might Crack a Smile but Ain’t a Damn Thing Funny #MD

“As time goes by, an eye for an eye.  We in this together son your beef is mines. So long as the sun shines to light up the sky.  We in this together son your beef is mine” Just a normal night in the LES, New York City.  Invisible GP Crew. Mobb Deep

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Method Man Told Me Love Is Love

“Its not everyday a cracker gets to be a Oreo”

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100% Fearless With Nothing To Prove

…my team and I

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Only Judge Milian can Judge Me at The Peoples Court

  The Peoples court is the original tv reality show, It started in 1981 showing actual cases with actual parties involved. The first reality court show that did not use actors.  There has been a few judges on this show but I did not start watching the show till maybe 2002 or so and Judge […]

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Tim Hendricks and I at the Ink & Iron Tattoo Convention in Strong Beach California

It has been quite a few years since I have done the Ink & Iron tattoo convention.  The last time I did, it was with my dear friend Nervio, and we had such a good time.   So this year I will be flying in from New York to do Ink & Iron and working […]

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The Clouds by Blueprint Hip Hop at it’s Finest

It must have been ten years ago that I seen Blueprint perform with Atmosphere in a small club in San Diego, some shows and artist are easy to forget, that show wasn’t and this dude ain’t.  Thanks to Riki-Kay for sending me a link to this one . This is some good shit right here. […]

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Roses from a Flower Stand on 2nd ave NYC

I have been slowly working on a small Rose Sketchbook over the past year, it will be over 50 pages of just roses.   It will have guest pages from some of the best tattooers in the world.  The few guys that have asked to be a part, I have asked  for two reasons, 1: […]

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