Portrait Of Luke Wessman In London

Nathan Hicks took this portrait of me last week in London  

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Pennypacker Skull

A classic Morgwn Pennypacker skull I made on a hand in London

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Pennypacker Snake

I made this Pennypacker snake head in London

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Cork City Ireland

A pic I took with my iPhone walking around Cork City.

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London Calling

I am bringing a handful of line drawings that I will be doing at the convention.  Come by and asked to see them and get one, or just come by and say hello.  I will only be doing these designs, free handing roses, or script names.  Please save the custom requests for shop visits. Thank […]

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Style.com On Luke Wessman

Although I wouldn’t consider myself a “star” it has a nice ring to it, and cool to read in a headline.  Style.com  just posted a wonderful article on me written by the lovely Sarah Gidick founder of a site called PFW (A successful growing site geared toward ladies)  Thank you PFW and Styledotcom 

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Skull and Dagger Tattoo

A old tattooer once told me that ” if you aint got a skull, dagger, or a snake, you ain’t tattooed yet”  I always loved that saying. this guys in there.

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Tim Armstrong Portrait

A Tim Armstrong portrait I made the other day. Rancid. *My Dear friend Toby Morse is running in this video on the block where I’m living at the moment, he runs by his now wife of 16 years near the end of the video. #history 

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Nyc Skyline

Ny skyline, My friend Alishea and I on the top of the James Hotel, great view and great company. photo Brian Awitan

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