Wooster Street Tattoo, Soho, New York City

When you don’t grow up with any, sometimes it is about the money.  My friend Tommy and I at work. ILMTxGPF

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Tribal Gear Clothing since 1989

A tee shirt design I did for my Good Friends at Tribal a little while back. Tribal Documentary Trailer 

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Rest in Power Sid

  I will morn my homies till I join my homies.  Sid was one of my best friends, I met him a bit later in life. He was Dave Gibson’s only official apprentice at the original Lucky’s Tattoo Parlor in the late 90’s.  Him and I we’re coming up together in tattooing and planned on […]

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New York, California, Love

We got mad love for both coast. I did this California/New York tattoo on my big brother Toby Morse. From East to West FTTW.

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H2O, 7 Seconds Tonight at the House Of Vans In Brooklyn New York

You Better RSVP ASAP or be left OUT.  My friend Toby (h20) puts on a amazing show every time, such good, music, energy, and positivity.  Don’t miss the chance to see this show tonight in Brooklyn, its free !  But rumor has it, It is going to be more then a full house.  Good luck […]

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Is the Magic Gone ? Words by Tim Hendricks

Are the blind leading the blind in tattooing these days? This is a question that has been a major topic of discussion between my peers lately. With tattooing becoming as popular as it is these days every person that knows how to doodle wants to become a tattooer. I can only complain about it so […]

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We might Crack a Smile but Ain’t a Damn Thing Funny #MD

“As time goes by, an eye for an eye.  We in this together son your beef is mines. So long as the sun shines to light up the sky.  We in this together son your beef is mine” Just a normal night in the LES, New York City.  Invisible GP Crew. Mobb Deep

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Method Man Told Me Love Is Love

“Its not everyday a cracker gets to be a Oreo”

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Tim Hendricks and I at the Ink & Iron Tattoo Convention in Strong Beach California

It has been quite a few years since I have done the Ink & Iron tattoo convention.  The last time I did, it was with my dear friend Nervio, and we had such a good time.   So this year I will be flying in from New York to do Ink & Iron and working […]

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Group Photo From Wooster St Social Club aka NY Ink the Other day.

Random Group shot of the A team, as most of the main “stars” of NY INK are traveling or dont exists. Good people, Great tattooers and a amazing celebrity hair stylist our friend Diego Miranda. Wooster Street Social Club aka NY Ink Soho NYC Guy, Eddie, Lee, Diego and Myself WoosterStreetSocialClub

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