Amanda Lopez Photography For Heart Boutique

I  have been a fan of Amanda Lopez‘s Photography for some time, I check out her blog from time to see what she has been up to. Here is a picture from a recent “lookbook” photo shoot Amanda did for her sister’s Heart Clothing Boutique store in Sacramento CA.  I like this photo.

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Abby Lee Kershaw “Vogue China 2012”

When I get a few minutes from time to time, I bounce around the worldwide web looking for fun stuff and cool pictures, its like a modern swap meet and the goodies you find are photos and links.  I came across this one of Abbey on The Blonde Journal. I’m pretty sure that blogs for […]

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We might Crack a Smile but Ain’t a Damn Thing Funny #MD

“As time goes by, an eye for an eye.  We in this together son your beef is mines. So long as the sun shines to light up the sky.  We in this together son your beef is mine” Just a normal night in the LES, New York City.  Invisible GP Crew. Mobb Deep

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Method Man Told Me Love Is Love

“Its not everyday a cracker gets to be a Oreo”

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Only Judge Milian can Judge Me at The Peoples Court

  The Peoples court is the original tv reality show, It started in 1981 showing actual cases with actual parties involved. The first reality court show that did not use actors.  There has been a few judges on this show but I did not start watching the show till maybe 2002 or so and Judge […]

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Tim Hendricks New SaltWaterTattoo T-Shirt Line Now Available

In My opinion southern California style tattoo or street inspired T-shirts have been super played out in the last few years, I’m over seeing skulls on everything and shitty script lettering.  Its just too redundant at this point. but… Tim Hendricks new line on the other hand is a breath of fresh style. Street and […]

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Group Photo From Wooster St Social Club aka NY Ink the Other day.

Random Group shot of the A team, as most of the main “stars” of NY INK are traveling or dont exists. Good people, Great tattooers and a amazing celebrity hair stylist our friend Diego Miranda. Wooster Street Social Club aka NY Ink Soho NYC Guy, Eddie, Lee, Diego and Myself WoosterStreetSocialClub

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A Photo from BELLY Featuring Nas DMX and Method Man

One of the Best Rappers alive in one of my favorite movies. I snagged this photo of Nas, from one of the best blogs on the interweb  The Wild & Free One of my favorite Nas songs Just a Moment

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