Vogue Magazine Spain 2011-Art in it’s Purest Form-the Beautiful Natasha Poly

Model: Natasha Poly  Photos: Inez & Vinoodh I was looking over my blog and the posts I have made over the last year, and I realized out of all the things I had posted of things I like, I left out one key element, Beautiful women.  So from now on, every few weeks I’m gonna […]

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Pharaohs Horses Neck Tattoo

…last one I did in Frankfurt  

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Top Ten People on Twitter to Follow According to Luke Wessman

There are a few main social media giants that most of us are connected to, and through, one way or another;  Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Facebook, in my book is fading away a bit , for me anyway, but I suspect it will stick around for a while regardless if I’m using it or not. (too many bored housewives […]

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Wir sehen uns später, Deutschland wir kommen!

See you later, Germany here we come !

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I Love A Beautiful Woman With Great Style

I don’t spend much time looking at blogs on the internet, and its not necessarily that I wouldn’t like to, its pretty much just because I don’t have time to.  Now if you know me at all, you know I have a thing for beautiful women, fashion, clothing, and more importantly style, all of which […]

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California Is Calling

Ive spent a big portion of my life in the ocean, and when I go a long period of time without this, I question what Im doing .

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Chuck Taylor All Stars

I’ve been wearing them since I was a kid, not because they were cool, not because the cool punk rock kids wore them, not even really because the OG’s in the hood wear them, but it was because it was one of the shoe brands I could afford as a kid. I never got those […]

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Beast Mode NYC

Every time Im fortunate to be involved with a big event or moment in life, I ask myself, “What is next” ? Im asking myself this now.  #cantstopwontstop   Thanks to my friends at WellFed for this photo  

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