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Recent Tattoos By Luke Wessman

Some recent tattoos made at The Summertown Inn (private studio), Invisible Nyc in New York City, and at True Tattoo in Hollywood California.

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Luke Wessman Rose Coverup

Unfinished Business

The art of tattooing has a long history, full of traditions and old ethics. The ideals of tattooing cover a range of practices for artists to uphold. Although the history of tattooing has developed from taboo to mainstream, certain principles have remained. Some areas are often discussed, like the hand and face tattoo stigma, but […]

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Panther Rose Tattoo

Panther Eating Rose Tattoo

This was a fun one I made last time I was in NY.  Great tattoo on a great client.

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PennyPacker Skull

Anytime I do a skull with a hat like this I call it a Pennypacker skull, out of respect to my dear friend Morgwn Pennypacker who has perfected this style gangster skull.

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Roses All Day Long

I don’t think I could ever get tired of doing rose tattoos.  Heres another one from this week at the new Love Hate NY shop. In progress.

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Rose Tattoo In Progress

A rose tattoo is timeless and any intelligent tattoo collector has at the very least one rose tattoo

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Luke Wessman Rose Tattoo LA

A nice big Rose from the other day at True Tattoo in La.

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hockey tattoos

Tattoos At Musink Hockey Style

A few of the many hockey tattoos that were done at the Violent Gentleman booth this year at Musink.  George Parros,  candle, mask and roses, drop em gloves, and flash.

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Dagger Rose tattoo

Dagger Rose Tattoo Pt 1

Part one of this dagger rose tattoo, the other one will be on the other thigh.

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Day Of The Dead Mary

On Jose’s shin

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