Rose Tattoo

I had the pleasure to tattoo this rose on a gentleman from Canada.

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Dagger Heart Tattoo

A little dagger and heart tattoo I made on Tattoo Lady Jane a very serious tattoo collector, and a very accomplished business woman.

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Skull And Roses Tattoo

I made this skull and roses tattoo the other day in Soho

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Koi Fish Tattoo

Finished up this koi fish tattoo.  It was a pleasure to work on this gentleman from NY.  Double koi

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Pennypacker Skull

A classic Morgwn Pennypacker skull I made on a hand in London

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Pennypacker Snake

I made this Pennypacker snake head in London

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Skull and Dagger Tattoo

A old tattooer once told me that ” if you aint got a skull, dagger, or a snake, you ain’t tattooed yet”  I always loved that saying. this guys in there.

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Tim Armstrong Portrait

A Tim Armstrong portrait I made the other day. Rancid. *My Dear friend Toby Morse is running in this video on the block where I’m living at the moment, he runs by his now wife of 16 years near the end of the video. #history 

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GP Panther

Ghetto Protected panther. My dear friend  Morgwn Pennypacker style.  I’ll be doing these in London.

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