Alicia DiMichele And Son Tattooed By Luke Wessman In NYC

The Family that gets tattooed together, stays together.  My friend Alicia and her son Anthony get “Family Over Everything” tattooed on their arms and mean it.  Full Article

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Swallow Tattoos

A couple swallows on a lovely lady

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A few new tattoos from the other day at Wooster

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The Pearl Harbor Gift Shop

I was just up in Toronto Canada for a day and I was fortunate enough to get over to The Pear Harbor Gift Shop.  This shop is by far one of the coolest shops in tattooing.  Kensington is the name of the neighborhood and I highly suggest getting tattooed there is you get the chance.

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Hand Tattoo

Hand tattoo on a young artist from Mexico

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Statue Of Liberty Tattoo

This Statue Of Liberty girl head was a fun one, although if you know me you know how I dislike the “day of the dead” face paint tattoo craze/trend.  I don’t like the idea of taking a beautiful woman’s face and mudding it up with a bunch of nonsense.  So on this one, I did […]

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A Tattoo For Dad

A client wanted to get a tribute tattoo for his dad today, and here it is.  It nice when your client gives you some ideas and then lets you run with them.  #timeless

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Blue Rose Tattoo

In progress picture of a blue rose tattoo I made the other day on a gentleman from Florida by way of NY

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