Luke Wessman Rose Coverup

Unfinished Business

The art of tattooing has a long history, full of traditions and old ethics. The ideals of tattooing cover a range of practices for artists to uphold. Although the history of tattooing has developed from taboo to mainstream, certain principles have remained. Some areas are often discussed, like the hand and face tattoo stigma, but […]

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Luke Wessman blog post for inkedmag

Do’s and Don’ts for your Next Tattoo.

The tattoo client has changed a lot over the last 10 years or so; back in the day when tattoo shops were more mysterious, clients were aware of their own ignorance. Now, due partially to television shows like “Best Ink” and “Inkmaster”, many clients have a false sense of discernment when it comes to the […]

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Name tattoo

Tattoo Culture: The Name Jinx

Like the rest of the tattoo community, for years I thought about the significance of a name tattoo.  When it comes to getting the name of a significant other, the normal consensus was unanimous: jinx. (I even tried it out in my late teen years, hoping the jinx was true.  My side now reads Holly..wood.) […]

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The Work You Don’t See

…always painting  weapons of mass creation 

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Best People To Follow On Instagram – Luke Wessman

I like to follow people on Instagram  for a few reasons:  If they are one my dear friends, I want to see what is going on with their lives, constant pictures of their dog, dinner, baby, it doesn’t matter because  they are a dear friend I love anything from them.  Now everyone  else… I like beautiful […]

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Tim Hendricks Tattoo Machine

This Tim Hendricks machine is one of the machines I have used almost everyday since he made it for me over 7 years ago. If you don’t own a Tim Hendricks tattoo machine and you’re a real tattooer, you’re slipping.  Get one here – Saltwatertattoo  Thanks Tim for providing the tools that help me provide […]

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The Wolves Will Stop At Nothing

I had such a short trip last weekend to Miami, and the main reason of the trip was to go to support my friend Chris Nunez with his new tattoo shop opening. Hand Crafted  But it was Art Basel that weekend and I got to pull away for a bit to check out the “Wynwood” […]

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My Travel Partner Forrest and I Pose for a Photo in the Streets Of London

This year I made it back to London, I travelled with my good friend Forrest, owner of Cobra Custom Tattoo in Plymouth MA.  We had a short trip but we most certainly made the best of it , and enjoyed every minute of it.  It was good to be in a far off place and be […]

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