Wooster Street Social Club / NY Ink NYC

Ghetto Protected Family

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One of my new stickers. GPF/OG/NY/MIA/CA

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Luke Wessman & 2MEX Miami Beach Circa ’07

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Here is a throwback picture of me tattooing my friend from LA, 2MEX.  Alex aka 2MEX is a LA underground hip hop legend.  With over 20 years in the hip hop game, 2MEX is a force to be reckoned with.  Some of his most known affiliates include; The Visionaries, Of Mexican Decent, Sungodsun, Afterlife, The Shapeshifters, and the  Look Daggers to name a few.   2MEX and my dear friend Courtney aka Existstereo payed me a visit that day while on tour, and that was a nice surprise. I truly am blessed with some great friends.  Much respect Alex.

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If your in LA and you think someone is waving to be friendly. look twice. Cali is active. know the codes

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Bare with ME.

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Hello everyone. I am currently updating my site to wordpress so I will be messing around with it the next few days.


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Around the World.

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