The Clouds by Blueprint Hip Hop at it’s Finest

It must have been ten years ago that I seen Blueprint perform with Atmosphere in a small club in San Diego, some shows and artist are easy to forget, that show wasn’t and this dude ain’t.  Thanks to Riki-Kay for sending me a link to this one . This is some good shit right here. […]

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Toby Morse and Luke Wessman PMA Hand Tattoos

Positive mental attitude! Look in my eyes Tell me what you see No trace of ignorance Inside of me Positive thinking Free from guilt Proud of the friendships That I’ve built Think positive PMA! Live positive PMA! Act positive PMA! Positive mental attitude!

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Hand Made Tattoo Machines by Tim Hendricks

Here is a great video from you tube, of my dear friend Tim Hendricks in his machine shop.  I am proud to have in my collection a few hand made Tim Hendricks tattoo machines. I use a Tim Hendricks machine at least twice a day. One of the things about a tattoo machine that I value […]

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H2O after 16yrs still putting it down Watch this You tube video and learn kids H2O is the truth

Toby and his band H2O  has put in so much work over the years with the punk rock scene, the straight edge lifestyle, PMA lifestyle, and with his  non profit One Life One Chance program, he officially makes a positive difference with the kids at schools everywhere.   Kids these days need way more role models […]

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Brian in action in Central park at the Wollman Rink Trump New York

This was the first time my brother and I had ever went ice skating. I turned the camera on at the perfect time. His lady had done it before and was getting a kick out of watching us. here is a you tube video to prove it.

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Le Castle presents John Forte – “Drift On”

I met John Forte through a close mutual friend Aly, they grew up in the same part of Brooklyn New York together.  Aly brought John in the Wooster Street Social Club tattoo shop in Soho a few months back, for me to do a tattoo on John’s forearm. We became friends from that point on. […]

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Iggy Azalea – “My World” You Tube Video

  The very beautiful Australian Iggy Azalea..Iggy’s debut album set to come in 2012. we will be waiting. follow her on twitter here > Iggy’s Twitter

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Freddy Corbin Tattoo Age Videos

If you read my previous post on Freddy Corbin then you already know how highly I think of him. Here are the VBS Tattoo Age videos on Freddy that are well worth the watch. Do yourself a favor and take the time to view these.

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Give Me Water

Here is a great video with my friend John Forté> and Valerie June.

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Freddy Corbin “Mr Nice guy”

Freddy Corbin is one of my all time favorite people and thanks to Last Sparrow Tattoo you can get a little peak into understanding why. Freddy owns two shops in Oakland CA “Temple” and “Tattoo 13” if your ever are close to the Oakland area, do yourself a favor and get tattooed by Freddy or […]

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