Cm Punk -Best in the World -DVD Trailer

My friend Cm Punk’s new DVD “Cm Punk : Best in the world ” is set to be release on October 9th 2012 (today) a 3-disc DVD that has been called “one of the best WWE documentaries ever”.  I happened to be in Chicago at the same time he was home and got a copy of his DVD last week.  This documentary is a really great watch. It takes us through the long journey of his career and the many obstacles he has faced to get to the point he is at.

One of my favorite things about his story is the fact that he really made it “his way” without  compromise, which to me a wrestling industry outsider was seemingly impossible.  From my little time with the entertainment business personally, I know that the “powers that be” are very stubborn and not very compromising themselves, they seem to insist on following corny formulas stifling intelligent growth, remaining fearful of change.  Cm Punk was able to force change pushing out a cookie cutter mentality that wrestling has been pin to for as long as I can remember, what a amazing feat.

Although I’m not Straight Edge myself, my brother and many of my dear friends are and I have a great respect for that positive lifestyle, CM is openly straight edge which is such a great example for so many kids who are wrestling fans.

Much respect CM

“Cream rises to the top”

I am proud to say I had the honor of tattooing Cm Punk in the past, proud not because he is a famous athlete, but because he is a good man and a friend.