Eat Ink Book Release

I am very pleased to be a small part of this Eat Ink book.  Here I am tattooing my friend and renewed chef Rick Tramontovideo  

I have always thought there is a strong connection between tattooing and cooking.  A chef much like a tattooer is an artist and in most cases passionate about their product.

The good ones are troubled with the pursuit of perfection, the art, or food is never good enough, always feeling there is a way to grow, enhance, and improve, our products.  In a never ending push within ourselves to be better at what we love.  I always say its the gift and the curse.  The passion is the gift, the talent is developed or enhanced,  and the never ending search to better our work is a curse, never letting us fully look back at what we have done in contentment.  I do believe it’s the curse keeps the greats pushing.  I have some close personal friends that are chefs, and knowing second had the demands and pressures of the kitchens and clients, I know it really takes a special kind of person.  My hats off the the Chefs of the world who are respecting tradition, as well as pushing the envelope and forging the future of food  Respect.