“Healing Ink” Luke Wessman X Artist4Israel

This up coming week I partner with Artist4 Israel in Israel for “Healing Ink” I will be tattooing at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem on Thursday October 20th to help Israeli victims of war and terrorism reclaim their bodies, cover their scars and heal physically and emotionally.

I cannot call my self an humanitarian without contributing to humanity, I can not call myself a global citizen without doing what I can globally.  I am always grateful to “put my money where my mouth is” and help. It is amazing how far my craft has come and it is an honor to be on the forefront of its future. Who would have thought tattooing would have came this far!

What is Healing Ink –

“Artists 4 Israel are bringing a select group of the world’s most famous and talented tattoo artists to provide free body beautification over the scars caused by war, terrorism, conflict or trauma. The list is not complete but already includes celebrities, tattoo t.v. show judges and an international team of the most respected artists.

These men and women are donating their time, talent and energy to help injured Israelis reclaim their body and heal their physical and mental wounds.

We will be partnering with Israel’s premiere galleries, museums, municipalities, victims or terrorism support groups, injured soldier organizations  and tattoo shops and artists  to show the breadth of Israeli culture and to show the world the passion and healing power of tattooing.”