By Labor And Honor


I grew up working as a young kid, My brother and I would collect cans on at the beach in my hometown of Oceanside.  At that young age I learned that hard Work Pays,  do the work get the money seemed like a no brainer.  I learned the respect for societies labor force, the men and women who work so hard to better their lives and the lives of their families, meanwhile adding to the country by all types of professions.  As a kid I knew I personally had to work hard to survive and as I got older I realized that I didn’t want to just survive I wanted to  thrive.   I learned the value of smart work mixed with hard work, and thats where I am now, working as hard and smart as I can, luckily I really like what I do.  I come form little and may never fully enjoy my success, but my family will.  Happy Labor Day  ! to all the people that work and keep this great country functioning and growing. “Work like a slave eat like a king” 

Fun LW Facts:

My work History includes: Fruit stand/ flower shop, Beekeeper, Skate/Surf Shop, Macy’s (dress suit and tie dept.) Commercial Election, General Contractor Laborer, Door hanger flyers, Home Depot, and Telecommunications Technician.


I know a little about work and responsibilities, some of those jobs were at the same time.  All before I started tattooing.