My Friend Alyasha Owerka-Moore for PF Flyers Authentic American Style-Trailer

Very few people in this world do I deeply and truly respect, Aly is one of the few.  Alyasha personifies pure, authentic, american style, if you want to talk about fashion and stlye, and he’s a man of high standards and principles if you want to talk character, which is lacking in todays society.  Cool video for the Posture Foundation.   I am very fortunate to have met Aly many years ago in San Diego (where he has the coolest loft in downtown), and to have built a solid friendship with him.  Aly hails from Brooklyn and visits Ny often as he is very active in his mothers life who still lives here.  I believe that Ny has embraced me more in many ways thanks to him.  I thank him for his example of friendship, style, and character. I am very proud to call him friend. If Aly Backs PF Flyers you should back PF Flyers 100% he’s that dude.

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