My Travel Partner Forrest and I Pose for a Photo in the Streets Of London

This year I made it back to London, I travelled with my good friend Forrest, owner of Cobra Custom Tattoo in Plymouth MA.  We had a short trip but we most certainly made the best of it , and enjoyed every minute of it.  It was good to be in a far off place and be surrounded with so many loved ones. I cant thank tattooing enough for all it has given me.  Also special thanks to Mo and all his great staff at The Family Business for the hospitality.

Forrest and I walked by this shop every day and then we realized we like the sentiments that were written on the glass “Realise your potential” and ” Live for adventure” seemingly perfect for each of our lives these days. Since  1990s, -ise has become more common in the UK, with the result that -ize may be regarded incorrectly as an exclusive american variant.


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