Oliver Peck’s Friday 13TH Marathon September 13TH


Every year I hear from friends how great our friend Oliver Peck’s “Friday 13th” tattoo party is.  Every year I secretly hope to be invited to such a event, well this is the year, Oliver called me to be a part and I’m so excited ! Staring at 12am friday September 13th I will be joining tons of friends and peers down in Dallas to do 24 hours of straight tattooing.  I’ll be tattooing as many “friday the 13th” themed tattoos in the period of 24 hours.  Up until now I think about 14 or so is the most I have ever done in a day.  I hopping the get close to a hundred, but having never done this event I’m not sure how it’s gonna go down.  See you there.  13$ tattoo 7$ tip for good luck !  Check this video out – 13th Tattoo-a-thon

Oliver Peck’s already been in the “news” this week, but it’s the eve of Friday the 13th, and even the superstitious have reason to tempt fate because Elm Street Tattoo is once again offering number 13 tattoos for $13 (we don’t need to tell you to just give them a $20, right?) to celebrate the day of bad luck.

Peck, Elm Street’s owner, has inked hundreds of customers over the years on Friday the 13th, and in 2008 he became the Guinness World Record holder for completing the most tattoos in 24 hours (415 tats, to be exact), a title he rightfully reclaimed from former spouse and tabloid darling, Kat Von D.