Photos From Hurricane Sandy New York

This has been a real interesting week in New York City, full of lessens in patience, gratitude, friendship, and endurance.  I have not been without electricity since the last time I went camping, and the only difference is I was ready for that and geared up appropriately.  Here are Some photos from Hurricane Sandy New York. 

I put my foot in my mouth a bit before sandy hit, I tweeted “media driven panic” with a cocky confidence that Sandy was gonna be mild and and the media was freaking everyone out.  Well I was wrong Sandy came and fucked shit up, now for a lot of us in the city the only problem was the inconvenience of no power for a few days, which sucks if your not prepared, we weren’t, but minor compared to many.  Power is back on now here in the lower east side, and I can’t help but feel so sad for the families that lost so much especially the children that died, those poor families will never be the same and my heart goes out to them.  If your in a position to drop a few bucks for aid you should, if a million of us just give a dollar you know we can really help without effecting our budgets, after all we are all on this earth together and imagine if it were you.

Ways to help