Posture Foundation x LW The Same Five Questions

Posture Foundation and Luke Wessman, I love teaming up with companies that I can really stand behind and in this case in.  Check out The Same Five Questions interview I just did with my friends at PF Flyers… Here is one of my answers – “My relationship to PF Flyers began when I was young. I think like a lot of people I was introduced to the brand through the Sandlot. Over the past few years, I’ve been reintroduced to the brand through my friend Alyasha who’s a dear friend I look to for style and classic American fashion. The more I dug I realized how historic the brand is—the fact that’s it’s been around since the 30’s blew my mind.  It’s a timeless classic style I thought belonged to someone else but really didn’t.” Photos by Tom Hardy for PF Flyers.