Rest In Peace Biggie Smalls


Yesterday was 16 years to the day that Biggie Smalls was murdered in La.  Rip Big, I never liked the fact that people compared him and Tupac, as I feel that they were completely different style rappers, both great in their perspective styles. Biggie was more of a fun, witty rapper with love from the Ny streets, Pac on the other hand was so diverse but more of revolutionary poet that rapped from the heart, not just the brain. Anyway enough about Pac (the greatest rapper ever) Biggie was one of a kind, and the hip hop world lost a very important MC.  I cant believe it has already been 16 years,  it is truly a tragedy that we lost such a entertainer and such a voice of Brooklyn Ny. Rest in peace Biggie, aka Biggie Smalls, aka Big Poppa, aka Notorious BIG, aka Christopher Wallace.