Stalley Sound of Silence Music Video

Stalley -Sound of Silence music video. I went in to my shop on my day off to spend a minute with my friend Bj Betts who was doing a guest spot with us. Bj was tattooing a rapper named Stalley who is signed with MMG, I liked the dudes vibe he seemed legit, but thinking MMG ! I instantly judged him in my mind thinking he was probably just another hip pop artist…I was wrong..

On the strength of Stalley’s character I went on Itunes when I got home and bought his new mixtape Lincoln Way Nights. I gotta say it was well worth the $11.99 best album I have bought in a while and I highly recommend the album to anyone who’s down with hip hop. Stalley is very underrated and I hope he keeps rising. get that album. catchy and intelligent lyrics from a humble dude. I support fully. Finely some good shit to bump