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Statute of Liberty Pin Up Girl Tattoo

September 25th, 2012 | Posted by admin in Tattoo - (Comments Off)

This was fun tattoo, on a friendly Australian man who was a tattoo collector and was traveling the states for the first time with his wife.  He wanted a regular Statue of Liberty at first but after showing him this Pin Up Statue of liberty drawing, he fortunately had a change of heart.  Thanks for letting us do our thing with your idea, I know we were both happy with the results.

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Clipper Ship Shin Tattoo Done at Wooster Street NYC

September 14th, 2012 | Posted by admin in Tattoo - (Comments Off)

People come into our shop Wooster St Social Club/Ny Ink all day long for little trinkets and small souvenir tattoos, which is fine and all, and honestly I have no problem doing them all day.  But the magic really happens when a customer comes in for a nice tattoo like this.  A good idea and a open mind.  Why would you have Jesse James build you a scooter when he’s a super sick custom bike builder, do you get my point? 

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Tips On Getting A New Tattoo: How to Find a Good Tattoo Artist

August 7th, 2012 | Posted by admin in Tips - (Comments Off)

Getting a new tattoo, tips 1-5

Some things to think about when looking to get a new tattoo.

1. Make sure your tattooer has tattoos.  You wouldn’t want to buy a hair piece from a bold guy not wearing one.  Now having tattoos doesn’t make a tattooer good or bad, its just a good start.

2. Do research.  Go into some shops and ask to see the individual portfolios, and actually look at them, don’t just flip the pages.  Each and every tattooer is different, pay attention.  Or with the large amount of good artists showing their work all over the internet these days (80% are bad to terrible, find the 20%), after some looking you should be able to start seeing the difference between good and bad tattoos, the quality in the technical aspect and also the direction of vision in the artwork.  There are a few different general types of tattooing; Traditional, Japanese, Black and Grey, Tribal, and new school, for example.  In these styles you should be able to find the one that suites you best, or that your most drawn to.  Then do the research and find the guys that are really doing great work in those styles that you like best.   In my personal opinion a good tattooer can do most any style exceptionally well.  The craft of tattooing has a great part to do with the technical application and not always fully in the actual design, as many people have their own design they may want translated into a tattoo.  And don’t worry you Don’t need a deep meaning or tragic accident to get one.  Sometimes it’s just great to feel a little more like a individual, or capture a moment in time, or get a BFF tattoo with your BFF.  No reason is a perfectly good reason to get a tattoo as well. (more…)

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Jesus Christ ! Stomach tattoo black and grey

October 23rd, 2011 | Posted by admin in Tattoo - (Comments Off)

One of my favorites tattoos. This guy sat perfectly for this 4 hour  Jesus Christ tattoo. Good job Ish. Respect. done at Lucky’s Tattoo Parlor in San Diego California

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