The Hundreds:Bobby Ruiz and Tribal Streeetwear

Growing up in Southern California, you knew about Tribal Gear if you had any connection with the Southern California street culture at all…because they were all over it …I have been very blessed over the years to build a friendship with Mr Ruiz that I am very honored by and proud of…So seeing people like Bobby Hundreds who has a popular, growing, and successful street brand, going to San Diego and paying respect publicly to Bobby at Tribal is very cool to see. I love when my friends and good people get the credit and the respect they deserve.

“Founded in San Diego in 1989, Tribal Streetwear and founder Bobby Ruiz are spotlighted by The Hundreds in this new video. Staying true to its roots in the corners of the “street” lifestyle, Ruiz and Tribal have built a vast following through depictions of everything from graffiti and hot rods to beautiful women. Bobby Hundreds recently took a trip to Tribal’s headquarters to take a look at the past, present and future of the company, and to document everything from the brand’s signature mixtapes to past artist collaborations and more.  Source- Hypebeast/You tube  Full story- here (full of great photos)”