Violent Gentlemen Hockey Club


I had the honor to contribute a painting for my brothers company Violent Gentlemen’s first art show / season opener party.  Who better to paint than Wayne Gretzky  aka “The great one” who is credited with popularizing hockey in California, after his years with the Kings.  It was fun painting a subject matter I’ve never really painted, hockey.  Growing up in California hockey was never a popular sport as I spent most my time, surfing, skating, fighting, and working.  Now as I’m older and have traveled the world, I’ve opened up my interest level in general but hockey is now at the forefront of my new interest as my brother is deeply invested in the sport.  I cannot support my family enough so any chance I get I do.  Violent Gentlemen is Brian Talbert, Hammer, and George Parros (Enforcer for Montreal)  The unique trifecta has become a perfect harmony for the young company all working together with the strong support from hockey fans and friends alike there really is no telling how great this company will become.  The art show / opener party was at a cool bar called the Crosby in downtown Santa Ana, the turn out was unbelievable  with special guest including Dan Smith, Tim Hendricks, Honkey kong, Sheldon Souray , Matt Beleskey , and Mike Vallely  among so many other great people.