What’s A Gentleman ? Defined In A Few Words

A gentleman is a title best given by others and justified by actions as well as style.
A king doesn’t call himself a king. Anyone can self proclaim gentleman ways – but to me, the title of gentleman is best given by others. In both the eyes of the outside observer and the closest of friend, from the street to the sheik, the true gentleman’s authenticity is never challenged. The¬†Lost Art of the Gentleman¬†focuses on patience, kindness, chivalry, selflessness, honor, truth and style. Being a gentleman is more about good character than good style, but dressing well is a form of good manners, and we know manners are essential to the gentleman.¬† The gentleman has respect for respect and holds himself to the highest standard of being. And, above all, the true gentleman is authentic without an agenda, without gimmicks, and true to his word, as well as his style.