Grew up on hand-me-downs…Mom gave Love…Dad gave Art…Big brother gave his back…Friends gave Friendship…OG’s in the hood gave Respect…Poverty gave Humility…Dave Gibson gave me a start…And Hard Work gives me a Future.


Luke Wessman came into tattooing in the late 90s as a working class Southern California surfer. Luke’s career began apprenticing in a traditional style tattoo shop owned by legendary Dave Gibson, where he formed a solid skill base to become a great tattoo artist. Being homeless at 15 years old, discipline and patience challenged Luke, and drove him to reach his proclaimed “Self-Made” status.

Throughout his career, Wessman has ventured into various industries including fashion, television and streetwear, while always working to further develop his craft as a tattooer.  For 10 years, he owned and operated a San Diego based Tattoo Parlor, and has worked with the best tattoo artist around the world.  Wessman has appeared on TLC’s hit reality shows Miami Ink and NY Ink, the cover of Inked Magazine, and, as a guest judge on Spike TV’s “Inkmaster”. Luke now resides in Los Angeles, and is a Master Mason.

Celebrity Clients Include:

• CJ Wilson, Pro Basball Player
• Stalley
, Rapper MMG
• Neon Hitch, Singer
• Dafina Zeqiri, Singer
• Edi Rock, Rapper (Brazil)
• Bridget Kelly, Singer
• Mack Wilds, Actor/Singer
• Dave Gahan, Singer “Depeche Mode
• Jahiem, R&b Singer
• Matt Dillon, Actor
• Toby Morse, Singer “H2O”, Educator

• Dave Navarro, Guitarist “Jane’s Addiction
• Jhene Aiko, Singer
• John Forte, Musician, Composer, Producer,
• Master P, RapperActor
• Naldo Benny, Singer (Brazil)
• Amorui Jr, Tv Personality (Brazil)
• Silk Tha Shocker, Rapper
• Sheldon Souray, Pro Hockey player
• Alicia DiMichele, “Mob Wives”
• Luiza Possi, Singer (Brazil)
• Sergi Arola, Chef

• CM Punk, Pro Wrestler “WWE Champion”
• Jalen Ramsey, Pro Football Player,                                                                                                                       • Ben Saunders, Singer, “Voice of Holland”
• Robert Ackroyd, Guitar, “Florence and the Machine
• Chris Hayden, Drums, “Florence and the Machine
• Qyntel Woods, Pro Basketball player
• Matt Holiday, Pro Basball Player
• Rick Tramonto, Chef “Iron Chef” Top Chef Masters”

…and many others.

“There was just something about his manner that set him apart and made me comfortable with the fact that this man was going to put something permanent on my skin. He lives the art that he creates and really wanted to know the story and my motivation. It sounds weird to say but he connects to people so well, so naturally, probably because he’s got character. A gentleman. A historian. He believes in his art. If you are going to have ink for life, why not have a bond for life with your artist? That’s how it feels to me.” – CJ Wilson

Brand Partnerships:

• Hermes
• Tumblr
• Jose Cuervo
• Harley Davidson
• The Hundreds

• Chevrolet
• Us Versus Them
• One Life One Chance
• Hurley
• Urban Decay

• Tommy Hilfiger
• Spy Optic
• Violent Gentlemen
• Tribal Gear
• PF Flyers 

• W Hotels
• Palmer Trading
• Zenith Watches
• Bailey Hats
• Sailor Jerry Rum

The best selling INKED Magazine of all time.


• NY Ink “TLC Reality Show”
• Inkmaster “Spike TV’ Guest judge season 4
• Freshly Inked Magazine (cover)
• Miami Ink “TLC Reality Show”
• International Tattoo Magazine (all work on cover model)
• Jay Z/On The Run Tour (#Go Vote)
• Bound By Ink Magazine (cover credit/interview)

• Sanctioned TV, episode 14
• YRB Magazine (cover credit/interview)
• Complex Magazine (interview)
• Inked Magazine “US and Australia”  (interviews)
• Fabergè The Big Egg Hunt NY, egg #211
• Tattoo Road Trip; Southern California, A Schiffer Book
• Milton H Zeis: Tattooing As You Like It. Yellow Beak Press

• (interview)
• Latino Art Collection: Tattoo-Inspired Chicano, Maya, Aztec and Mexican Styles
• Deadbeat Magazine (cover credit/interview)
• Porn For Women Blog (Interview/ Feature)
• Lifestyle Mirror Blog (interview)
• GQ Magazinetop 10 Artist to follow on IG
• The Coveteur (interview) (video)

“Luke Wessman is one of my favorite tattoo artists and his character and good vibes resonates way beyond tattoos and art. Luke is just a straight up no BS great guy. He’s a total gentlemen and great friend. It’s a rarity to find friends like Luke in this day and age. Also his art transcends was beyond tattoos. He is the perfect combination of West Coast/gangster/Punk Rock /Traditional all the while keeping that PMA.” – Travis Barker 

Places I’ve worked:

• Japan
• Scotland
• Amsterdam
• London
• Germany

• Ireland
• Italy
• Mexico
• Brazil

• Australia
• Canada
• Colombia
• Spain