Amsterdam Tattoo Museum SOS

The past week we all started seeing a SOS signal  from our family at the Amsterdam Tattoo Museum all over the main social media sites; Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook wondering how we can help.  For those of you that are not familiar with the Amsterdam Tattoo Museum, it is the first museum that is totally dedicated to tattooing. It shows the world’s largest Tattoo collection, collected by Henk ‘Hanky Panky’ Schiffmacher.   I was fortunate enough to be there for the grand opening last year in November, I was blown away when I arrived and at that moment I walked in the museum I felt it’s relevance for us proud tattooers, collectors, and tattoo culture novices alike.   They have had some issues keeping it open during its first year here do to some tricky partnership arrangements and financial burdens.  At this moment the museum is in fear of being shout down as it has been forcefully closed.  Please do anything you can to help, even if that just spreading the word.  “it is our future, and our future is not worth anything without our past” -Hank S

Amsterdam Tattoo Museum <visit the website for more details on support and progress

   From the lowlands and to the hills and mountains to the sea, desert and jungle. Including Africa and the Americas. From Yukon to the Amazon. From Arctic to Antarctic. Japan, Pacific, Indonesia, the Golden Triangle, India. Enhancing all subjects like Prehistoric, Military, Gangs, Jail, Sailors, Hookers, Carnival, Mankind and more. Everything about famous tattooists from today and yesterday. All sorts of drawings, flash, photographs, machines, paintings, carvings, tattooed human skin and so on.

Furthermore in the museum there’s a library and archive with a unique collection of books, magazines, correspondence, diaries, pocket books, etc. as well as a research centre and a permanent working place for some retired living tattoo legends and world famous tattoo artists: Tattican City. The extensive bookstore sells all what is for sale worldwide on tattooing, books, postcards, maps, posters, etc. You can relax in our cafe/bar with fine food en even finer drinks.