Nike Air Force 1 Bespoke. By Luke Wessman

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The Nike Air Force 1 Bespoke is a supreme grade custom Nike Air Force 1.  They can be purchased at Nike Sportswear at 21 Mercer exclusively,  with design appointments done in house led by my friend MauWhen you design a pair you sit down for about a hour and design the shoes from scratch, it is such a cool experience.  


When I was a young boy the only shoes I wore were mostly Converse (affordable and all the G’s wore them) , although I always wanted Nikes.  I grew up in the Michael Jordan era, and having a great deal of family in Chicago, Jordan and the Chicago Bulls where magical, So I always wanted a pair of Jordan’s by Nike which were blowing up and all the “cool kids” had them at my all black and mexican filled middle school (Jefferson Jr High) So any new fresh Nikes would have been so great at that time , but was out of the question.  Which makes being able to make a custom shoe from Nike so special.

So the point is I could never afford fancy shoes as a kid or even regular shoes for that matter.   After spending the last couple years working in soho NYC and shopping a bit at Nike 21 Mercer, I decided to make some Bespoke’s”.  Now it was much more difficult then I thought to make a pair, mostly because the options seemed limitless, so much to choose from.  I had seen some other shoes that some other people had made and it seemed a lot of  them had a theme like a favorite team or something maybe making their choices easier.  I went in there without a plan,  my friend Mau aka the bearded main man who handles all the bespokes, was so gracious and easy to work with, talking me and walking me through the countless options.   I was trying to decide if I wanted to make more of a “work of art” or actually shoes I will wear,  I decided to make shoes I would wear.  So here are the pictures of my Bespokes “1 of a kind shoe” just for me,  a long way from not being able to afford Nikes I’d say.  Thanks to Nike, Mau and all the crew at 21 Mercer for always making my shopping experience a great one at their store.


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