The Most Stylish Tattooed Gentlemen

Style is most often associated with fashion and labels, and like art it is subjective, but certain people just ooze style regardless of the clothes they wear. Style goes much deeper, it’s internal… leaving clothing as the accessory of style and not its catalyst.  People with exceptional style have a special bravado, attitude and confidence. Clothing trends are safe place for the masses – going outside of the trend box can too risky for the fashion fearful. However, for those brave and bold, personal style is what sets one ahead of curves, set trends, and remain the inspirational elite. The 5 following tattooed guys are some of the most stylish guys on instagram; follow my style icons that move effortlessly from clean and classic to fashion forward.

Nick Wooster @nickwooster

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Nick Wooster is one of today’s most recognizable street style icons. From a clean suiting to downtown streetwear, Nick’s style is exciting. Nick got his first tattoo in 1994, and his full sleeves don’t distract from his polished attitude.

Alyasha Owerka-Moore @stackaly

Aly PF flyers

Alyasha Owerka-Moore has been a style influencer since the 90s. From building brands to strategic advising, Aly is a pioneer brand ambassador. Aly got his first tattoo in New York in 1991 for his 21st birthday at a friends house, as tattoo shops were still illegal back then. Equal parts rockabilly, street, and 50’s doo-wop, this skateboarding style icon is all things cool; his supreme brand knowledge ranges from punk rock, to hip hop, to American pop culture.

Diego Miranda  @diegomiranda

Diego Hair

Diego Miranda has earned his spot as top celebrity hair stylist over the past two decades. With an ever growing list of elite clientele, Diego has earned himself a distinguished reputation in New York, Paris, and London. Diego was first tattooed at 15 in Spain, and is often referred to as the real most interesting man in the world. Diego’s style is effortless, with a nod to iconic menswear – his hat game alone is something to be noted.

Sweet Chick John @johnseymour_nyc

Sweet chick john

John Seymour is a born and raised New Yorker. A family man with a solid street knowledge, John’s style is representative of the constant evolving downtown fashion scene. This restaurateur started his brand in Brooklyn, and is redefining traditional food with a hip hop soundtrack.

Justin O’Shea @justinoshea

Justin Oshea

Justin O’Shea is a staple of all major fashion events. As a buyer and tastemaker, he is often photographed among the fashion elite. He received his fist tattoo at 25 in London and has a personal philosophy to spontaneously collect rather than plan his work. Sharp in three piece suits to tank tops, Justin’s intentional wardrobe is parallel to none.