The Tattoo Artist “Rosebook” Sketchbook



The tattoo artist “Rosebook” Sketchbook just started off as a solo project.  I set out on this project to do a simple rose sketchbook , it was just going to be full of my roses only.  But all of a sudden……everything changed, I thought this is gonna get old if the whole sketchbook just has my feel only, so I thought I would invite a few of my friends who I think do exceptional roses…so I asked Tim hendricks, Mike Wilson, Freddy Corbin, and Chris Garver…whom all agreed to do it…I was thrilled…some of my dearest friends, and some of my favorite tattooers…I was humbled and ecstatic.   After they agreed to do pages…I thought wow this is great what a nice variety,  then a few other friends whom I respect did guest spots at Wooster Social and it just seemed right to asked them to add a page or two…so I added Ross Nagle, and Greg Christian, after that I just thought this is too great I’m gonna ask a few other friends that I know would love to be a part of this project…So now the book is at it’s final stages and has submissions from tons of dear friends including; Tommy MontoyaRagino, Bj Bets, Kaname,  Lindsey Charmichael, Morgwn Pennypacker, Tim Mcalary, Mikey Slater, Franco Vescovi, Adam Hathorn, Kiku, Chops, Tattoo Forrest, Chris Stuart, Matt Beckerich, Eddy Ospina, Maneko, Scott Bakoss, Guy Waisman, Megan Massacre… as well as some major surprise pages from some more legends.

This book will be available on the store here on my site soon, released at the Long Beach Ink and Iron 2013, and then Tim’s store …Saltwatertattoo

It is because of un-tangible friendships that I have  made and kept over my 15 years of being a part of tattooing, that this sketchbook is possible.  Thank you to all my dear friends for being part of this great project, I’m constantly humbled by your friendships.


Your friend luke  GP c/s